Today is my 24th visit to Baudendistel Physical Therapy for rehabilitation of my sequential total knee replacement surgeries. I highly recommend this office for physical therapy treatment. They also offer massage therapy, a small gym and hot water pool (98 degrees). Art and his staff treat all patients like family, calling them by their first names and chatting about just about anything from news, sports, family, etc. Each patient’s treatment plan is geared towards his or her specific needs with lots of hands on therapy.

Appointments are readily available and flexible to work with everyone’s schedule. When you call and actual person answers the phone each and every time! Appointments are scheduled for an hour but the staff will always complete the plan of the day even if it takes an hour and a half or two hours.

My results have been excellent. Art and his staff worked hard to get the range of motion back to both my knees and my orthopedic surgeon was delighted by the results.

I highly recommend that anyone with physical therapy needs consider Baudendistel Physical Therapy.

Gary Towle, M.D., patient


Fifteen years ago, I seriously injured my back with two herniated disks. I was in great pain, on medication, hardly could walk and dreaded being in physical therapy. Arthur was compassionate, positive and totally committed to helping me get better.

Arthur gave me a TENS unit for the pain and showed me simple things like how to get out of bed properly. These made a big difference. His staff was warm and helpful. I liked that he had a private area to do consultations and exams. His therapy pool was great.

Through his extensive therapy program, I was able to avoid surgery. I have been mainly pain free and on no medication since then. I believe his good body mechanics program has kept me out of trouble.

I would recommend Arthur, not only for his knowledge and expertise, but for his compassion and “can do” attitude. He made a big difference in my recovery. When it comes to physical therapists, he is the best.

Bruce L’Amoreaux, patient


I have been referring patients to Baudendistel Physical Therapy since it’s inception in 1998 for many ailments and disorders. My patients are given timely appointments and receive proper and problem specific treatments.

My office receives consultations and progress notes faxed to us usually that day. Our patients respond so well to their treatments that they often sign up and pay for the monthly pool program.

I feel that Baudendistel Physical Therapy provides a great and much needed service for my patients.

Sandra E. Willis, M.D. / Internal Medicine


I have had association with Baudendistel Physical Therapy since Arthur began his practice under that name in 1998. During that time I have had numerous interactions with him and his office as the lawyer for clients who were treated there.

I think the most important information that I can relate regarding Baudendistel Physical Therapy is that my clients get better, and they do so without being over-treated. Furthermore, their experience with the staff is always positive. Cindy, the office manager, is friendly, kind, and efficient, and takes the extra step to accommodate patients with insurance and financial problems.

Allen Max Luger / Personal Injury Attorney


My mother, Mabel Bollinger, has been a patient of Baudendistel Physical Therapy since 2007. Initially seen for osteoarthritis in her left knee, Arthur and his wonderful staff have recently been treating her for chronic right hip pain. After every session, not only has her mobility increased while decreasing her pain, but also her mood is always brighter and cheerier. She is able to do her laundry, get in and out of bed, make her bed and use the bathroom independently.

When we arrive at Arthur Baudendistel’s office, she walks through her pain. After walking, Mr. B prescribes exercises, ultrasound, hands on massage and electrical stimulation to help her. Baudendistel Physical Therapy keeps her motivated and gives her the strength to continue going. Mom will turn 98 years old this year. She would not have been able to accomplish this were it not for the continuous care we receive from Arthur and his staff.

Joy Sweet, Daughter of Mabel Bollinger, patient


With six fused discs and excruciating back pain, Arthur and his staff’s tender Physical Therapy treatments have given me back my life without surgery or shots. Physical Therapy got me out of bed and back to an active lifestyle, pain free and doing well. I remember that whenever I need a follow up therapy, they are only a phone call away (916-487-4681). Before you consent to any surgery or shots, give P.T. a try it really works! I cannot thank them enough.

Ron Jespersen, patient


In 2001, I began my physical therapy treatment with Arthur Baudendistel after becoming diagnosed by a neurologist with degenerative disc disease. That year, I transferred my military medical provider to a physician in a private medical practice due to military base closures in my local area. My civilian medical provider referred me to a couple of physical therapists within a short radius of my home. My acquaintances referred me to the P.T. practice of Arthur Baudendistel.

During recent years, I have received superb care from Arthur, Gail, Lisa, Renee and several P.T. interns. This office is managed by a one “woman team”, her name is Cindra Voges. She greets every patient with a welcome and warm, compassionate smile. I trust her professionalism because she has tenure in the P.T. office.

I have entrusted my P.T. care with Arthur and his staff for 10 years. Initially, I had one medical issue that required immediate treatment. The P.T. care enabled me to cope with my first situation, and then other illnesses occurred. The multiple physical therapy treatments received have/are enabling me to live a full life as a recently retired senior. My care enables me to saunter and I am able to travel whenever possible.

I remain thankful and appreciative for my physical therapy healthcare association with BPT and staff.

Jackie Huesing, patient


I have known Arthur since I started my practice here in Sacramento, July of 2000.  For the last ten years, I have relied on Arthur and his team to help with my chronic pain patients.  Arthur and his team have impressed me over the years with their ability to provide meaningful and sincere care to my difficult and challenging patients.   Arthur is and will continue to be my therapist of choice, not only for my patients but for my friends and family.  While his years of experience may not be unique among his peers, his commitment and personal touch is difficult to find particularly in the current environment of hired hands turning patients for corporate efficiency. I had a unique opportunity to experience Arthur’s treatments when I fractured my ankle several years ago.  He was tremendously helpful with my ankle recovery. I would definitely recommend his therapy services to anyone suffering from, and recovering from, injuries and illnesses.

Carl Shin, MD / Physiatry


Seldom do you find a Physical Therapy office that you can look forward to a return trip. I have been enjoying the water therapy at this office for over 23 years – for lumbar problems. The staff are truly devoted professionals ready to get you back on your feet. When I had a terrible flare-up of pain down the right leg one week before my daughter’s wedding, I knew exactly what to do. I got my Dr’s referral and went right to Baudendistel Physical Therapy – and I was dancing (slowly) at my daughter’s wedding.

Whenever I need to return to therapy, I know I will be greeted with a great warmth and friendliness. With their professional help and the water therapy, I can always count on recovery from pain very quickly.

Judy Hodgkins, patient


Arthur and his staff have been a huge help to me for a chronic Hamstring problem. Arthur has treated many Del Campo athletes since 2005. Art is very skilled, very knowledgeable, and has an excellent work ethic. I could not be any happier, or more impressed, than I am with our athletes and/or myself in his care as our physical therapist. Every student and every parent have been helped when treated at Baudendistel Physical Therapy. The entire staff there have been helpful, positive, and dedicated to their objective of helping all patients.

Mira Loma 1967-1982
Del Campo 1982-Present

Bob King, Track & Cross-Country Coach


Following an on the job injury that would later require three spinal surgeries, Baudendistel Physical Therapy has been my choice for treatment for the past 9 years. Never have I been to such a professional, clean, honest and caring physical therapy facility; they have always treated me like family. Arthur and his team – Cindy, Lisa and Renee – are the most knowledgeable, skilled, considerate and helpful people. The place is equipped with the proper exercise equipment needed to heal and recuperate anyone. I love the pool they have with the small and large jet streams. After exercising and stretching in the warm water, my pain always subsides and I am able to leave feeling better and healed.

Miriam Rodriguez, patient


My husband had been referred to Baudendistel Physical Therapy for his leg, knee, and back pain. When he came back home, he’d tell me that he had massage, ultrasound, physical therapy, and time in the hot tub. I’d joke with him and ask, “Did you get a margarita with that?” He said no, but always raved about the help he got and praised the people who worked on him.

I soon got to find that out first-hand. After running my second half-marathon in six weeks, I could barely hobble out of bed in the morning because my ankle and heel hurt so much. It hurt to walk, which meant running was out of the question. I had been mulling over running a marathon, but it seemed that idea wouldn’t be attainable.

So I called Baudendistel Physical Therapy. Turns out there really are no margaritas, but there are really great people! From Cory to Renee to Arthur—and don’t forget Cindy at the front desk—everyone was extremely friendly. From ultrasound to manipulation to strength exercises, they found a solution to my problem.

It worked. On December 6, 2009, I crossed the finish line at my first marathon—thanks, in large part, to Baudendistel Physical Therapy. They, literally, got me back on my feet.

Linda Buxa, patient


As a result of a very serious and prolonged swelling of my legs, plus a chemical imbalance, my legs and hips became very weak. On the advice of my doctor, I went to Baudendistel Physical Therapy with the hope that I could regain sufficient strength. I have found the entire staff friendly, competent and skillful. They have helped me a great deal, and I have indeed regained strength.

Jean Dahl, patient


I have been using Arthur Baudendistel for the last few years. I have found my athletes continuously giving outstanding feedback, as well as maintaining a quicker return to their sport. This clearly defines Arthur Baudendistel’s excellence!

Michael Shea, MD / Sports Medicine