We offer:

  1. Aquatic Therapy (Water exercise)
  2. Massage by Certified Massage Therapists
  3. BPP Vertigo
  4. Balance Training / Fall Prevention / Gait Training
  5. Neck, Back, Sacral Iliac Care
  6. Post Surgery Rehab
  7. Stroke Rehab
  8. Sports Injuries Rehab (especially runners)
  9. Shoulder and Knee Rehab
  10. Work Injury Rehab
  11. Lymphatic Drainage
  12. Aggressive Stretching of the Spine, Neck, Shoulders, and Legs
  13. Myofascial decompression with cupping.
  14. Posture Training
  15. Adaptive Equipment Recommendations
  16. TMJ Therapy / Headache Control
  17. Soft Tissue Mobilization
  18. Monthly Gym and Pool Membership Program
  19. Ultrasound, TNS units, Paraffin wax
  20. Aerobics with treadmill, upright and recumbent bikes, Nordic Cross-country ski machine for arms and legs
  21. Continuous Passive machine (CPM) for low back
  22. Strengthening with dumbbells, theraband / theratubing, ankle weights, etc.
  23. Spinal Mobilizations.
  24. Pelvic Floor
  25. Work conditioning
  26. Hands, wrists, fingers (no splinting)
  27. ADL Training for child care, yard work, house work, etc.
  28. Throwers with theratubing, plyometrics throwing
  29. Tractions either done manually, mechanically, inversion on backswing, or home devices
  30. Taping of low-backs, knees, shoulders, feet, etc.
  31. Functional baseline tests of lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling (Not functional capacity Evals)