Baudendistel Physical Therapy



As of 1-1-14, any person in the state of California may go directly to a physical therapist without having to first see a medical doctor. Insurances will still pay.



As a physical therapist Arthur Baudendistel has taken over 100 continued education courses and one year long-term course and one two year long-term course to add to his base knowledge and to stay current in the field. Some of his newer physical therapy interventions involve treating men and women for Stress Incontinence externally and treating men for Pre and Post Prostatectomy. He can treat for Lymphedema, Vertigo and Myofascial Restrictions.   He utilizes pneumatic cups for myofascial restrictions. He also treats hundreds of distance runners and is quite proficient taping runners for their injuries.


Ilene McHolland started playing cello when she was 12.  She has accompanied many famous people in her career, including Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.  She has played in classical orchestras, jazz trios, studios and even plays the blues.

Ilene plays live cello music while patients receive their treatments once a week, providing a relaxing, calming experience for the patients receiving physical therapy.



Welcome to our web site. This site is designed to assist you with information about our clinic that will help facilitate your treatment at our facility since 1976. This practice began in 1998 when Arthur Baudendistel took over an existing practice and retained the two main employees, office manager, Cindra Voges and PT Assistant, Gail Cook.  Cindra has worked here since 1976.  Lisa Letcher, whom was added to our team in 2001, is both a licensed physical therapist assistant and a certified athletic trainer. Meredith Smylie is a licensed physical therapist and specialized in skilled pilates and myofascial release and has been here since 2009. Iryna Kozakova, Khrystin Stroble, and Rosie Sloan are three excellent and experienced certified massage therapists. All together, we provide personalized hands on treatments that may include joint mobilizations, massage, exercise, and use of pain relieving modalities.

Arthur became a physical therapist mainly because he had an older brother, David, with muscular dystrophy and became part of the family team helping him with his physical limitations.  My dad would take David and I to visit David’s friends at various nursing homes.  My dad became their surrogate dad visiting them over a span of forty years and treating them to such simple pleasures as pizza and soft drinks.  Because of these many visits, I became very comfortable around individuals who were missing extremities, could barely speak, were wheelchair bound, etc. I was accustomed to going into nursing homes and seeing teenagers living there with many older adults. I learned from an early age that I had much to be thankful for, such as, living at home, having a healthy and athletic body, and being able to easily get around; things we truly take for granted.   David eventually died in my arms at home when he was only 21 and I was 17. As I competed in track and field sports from junior high school to well beyond college, I always kept my brother in mind, dedicating my accomplishments to him.

After attending American River College, I transferred to Sacramento State University. When the athletic counselor at Sac State, Sterling Ables, informed me of their pre-physical therapy program, I knew that was for me! I’ve never looked back. I went on to earn a physical therapy degree at University of California at San Francisco. I feel that physical therapy is the greatest profession. It is just as rewarding today to help people with their physical needs as it was when I treated my first patient at what was then American River Hospital in 1982. My goal is to always treat people with compassion and dignity; I will strive to do my best to help them overcome their pain and disability. Thank you for considering Baudendistel Physical Therapy to care for your needs.